Fundraising resources

We have lots of free resources available to help you on your way to supporting some of the
world’s poorest children.

Book a speaker

To check if a Mary’s Meals speaker is available in your local area, please contact us.

Magazine, flyers and forms


Download films

Saving Grace – animation telling the story of Mary’s Meals and 10-year-old Grace.
From LA to Liberia – Hollywood actor Gerard Butler visits Mary’s Meals in Liberia.
Malawi is ‘Happy’ – the Mary’s Meals version of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.
The Backpack Journey – Gifting educational backpacks to children in Africa.

Get publicity for your event

  • Get in touch with your local newspaper, TV and radio station a few weeks before your challenge or fundraising event and invite them to attend on the day so they can write a story or take pictures of your efforts.
  • You can include your information in our template press release and send it to them. Just delete the areas highlighted, replacing them with relevant details, before emailing it to your local media.
  • After your challenge or event, update local media on how much you have raised and include pictures from your event.
  • When taking pictures for publicity and media work, set your camera to its largest file size so the images are in high resolution and make the pictures as eye-catching as possible!

Download our brand guidelines

The way we share the stories of Mary’s Meals – in ways that are engaging, uplifting, and easy to share – is very important to us.

Our brand guidelines can help our supporters and partners to communicate consistently and bring our work to new eyes, new ears and new hearts – while inspiring creativity and innovation which is in keeping with our brand.

Download our brand guidelines:

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