Fundraising spotlight

The little acts of love shown by our supporters from around the world are the reason we are able to reach so many children with a meal every day they attend school.

Martha ‘NeverSeconds’ Payne

Martha Payne started to write a blog about her school dinners. Before she knew it, her blog site NeverSeconds was getting millions of hits.

Sensing an opportunity, she used her public profile to launch a fundraising campaign that’s now topped over £140,000.

The donations she channelled to Mary’s Meals went in part towards building a kitchen shelter and feeding all the children at Lirangwe Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi, for a whole year - part of our Sponsor a School initiative.

Martha chose to name her kitchen at Lirangwe as ‘Friends of NeverSeconds’ in recognition of the worldwide support she received. She later visited Malawi to see how the money raised for Mary’s Meals was helping to transform the lives of children there.

“Mary's Meals is a very simple charity,” says Martha, “and it can achieve so much with so little.”

Charitable Charlie

At the age of six, Charlie Doherty began refusing birthday presents for himself. Instead, he asked for cash he could donate to Mary’s Meals.

But he didn’t stop there.

Now a teenager, his fundraising antics have included a 600-mile cycle ride from Brighton to Scotland and another across Europe. He takes his mum along, but only because, as she says “if I didn’t go with him he’d try to do it on his own!”

Charlie supports Ipyana Primary School in Malawi through our Sponsor a School project.

He’s proud of his mum for taking part but says: “The only thing is that I have to stay behind her and I keep falling off when she is going too slowly!”

Hungry for adventure

William White and James Hobbs are the youngest people to cross Iceland on foot, after completing a 20-day trek across the challenging landscape.

The 17-year-olds learned what it was like to struggle without enough food and showed great resilience in the face of blizzards, sunstroke, and barren land to raise money for our work.

Ellie supports us in memory of her dad

Ellie Boyd was inspired by her father’s memory to run a half-marathon after he was killed by a bolt of lightning.

Tim Boyd, an acclaimed oceanographer and long-term supporter of Mary’s Meals, was walking his beloved dogs when the tragedy happened.

His devoted daughter Ellie, who lives in Seattle in the US, raised thousands of dollars for us when she ran the 13-mile event in New York State to honour his memory.

The 17-year-old, who completed the gruelling event alongside her aunt Julie, Tim’s sister, said: “Dad valued education very highly, and was a passionate scientist. I know he’d be pleased that we are helping the charity in his name.”

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