What’s your favourite photo?

 We asked some of our staff team what their favourite Mary’s Meals’ photograph is. Here are some of the top pics and the reasons why… 

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Jill, Fundraising Coordinator, Canada 

Boy, it is hard to choose one photograph!  

One of my favourites is this little girl scraping out a giant porridge pot with a little red spoon. It’s like my kids scraping out the cookie dough bowl. She’s loving the porridge, getting every last little bit out of the pot. I love it because it humbles me and inspires me to want to share more with those who need – and appreciate – the life-giving porridge we serve. 

Brad, Senior Finance Manager, MM International 

I have been lucky enough to be part of a backpack distribution in Malawi and the joy on the children’s faces was wonderful to see. This photo is a reminder of that experience and also reinforces the importance of our school feeding programme in attracting children to school. The Backpack Project is also a very tangible way for people to support the work of Mary’s Meals.   

Amina, Country Lead, Kenya

I love this photo because despite all the challenges people in Turkana [a northern region of Kenya] face, the children still smile and are content with the meal they get from Mary’s Meals every day. This picture makes me take pride in what I do. It also reminds me to be and stay humble at all times.

Philip, Head of Programme Delivery, Liberia 

This picture illustrates a girl placed in the middle of certainty, hopefulness, a sense of belonging, friendship, self-esteem and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. The daily meals provided in marginalised communities where we operate serve as an inspiration and safety net to many children, especially girls. 

Alison, Communications Officer, MMUK

This was taken on a trip to Zambia, where I witnessed our feeding programme for the first time. These best friends were clearly inseparable and full of energy after their mug of porridge. It reminds me of how transformative Mary’s Meals can be for children in school.

Sam, HR Systems Analyst, MM International  

I love this photo because of the sheer happiness on the little one’s face. It’s just such a beautiful picture and a lovely way to be greeted as we enter the Glasgow office in the morning!