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Change lives this Christmas

Change lives this Christmas with Mary's Meals

Change lives this Christmas

Your generosity can shape the future of children in the world's poorest communities.

This festive season, we're asking you to help us create a world where children have enough to eat and a chance to learn.

Daily meals served in a place of education can bring powerful change, helping children to stay healthy, participate in class, and work toward a brighter future. 

We can provide a meal for just 10 pence, meaning that we can feed a child for a whole school year for £19.15.

Life Changing Gifts

Wish someone special a Merry Christmas and make a donation on their behalf.

Provide 50 meals in a place of education

£5 is enough to provide 50 meals for children in a place of education.

Help fund plates or mugs to give meals to hungry children

£50 is enough to provide 250 children with the mug or plate for their daily serving of Mary's Meals.

Help fund a cooking pot and stove set

£215 is enough to buy a cooking pot and stove set for a Mary's Meals kitchen.



A letter from Magnus, our Founder and CEO

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Within each child there are many wonderful things waiting to unfold – things that can make this world better.

While children may be our source of hope for a better tomorrow, we can be their hope for today. Of the tens of millions of children who are chronically hungry, many are at risk of hunger related illness and death. For them, unless they can be assured of food today, there is little point in talking about the future.

The UN’s goal of Zero Hunger by 2030 has gone from something laudable and achievable to a cause of collective shame when set against current progress. Nearly one in 10 people on the planet are now experiencing food insecurity. Over 20% of children under five are stunted – so undernourished that they’re likely to suffer permanently impaired development. And we know that many of these children are also being deprived of another vital key for unlocking their potential: education. Tens of millions of children are either missing school or are unable to concentrate in class because of hunger.

By providing a daily meal at school, Mary’s Meals creates a fundamental change in the lives of children who don’t have enough to eat and provides hope for today and tomorrow. And this hope feels even more important when those children are growing up in war zones and places of conflict, as many in our programme are. To see laughing children sit down together to eat in a safe place of learning is to see hope for the beginning of peace.

There comes a time when we need to stop with all this talking, all this goal setting, all this waiting for someone else to do something, and just act. Each of us can chose to do something. You and I, we can even stop child hunger. At the very least for one child, we can.

God bless,

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow signature

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Founder and CEO of Mary's Meals

Change lives this Christmas with Mary's Meals

Change lives this Christmas

Your generosity can shape the future of children in the world's poorest communities.