Children's stories

A few words from some of the hundreds of thousands of children Mary’s Meals has helped.

Children's stories

Mary, 15, from Malawi

Fifteen-year-old Mary has to bring up her two younger sisters alone. However, with Mary’s Meals she doesn’t have to miss out on her education.

Alice, 17, from Malawi

Alice had a child when she was just 14 and thought she would have to give up school. Now back in the classroom, she is learning skills for a brighter future for her, and her daughter.

Ellas, 14, from Malawi

When war sent Ellas fleeing from her home, she lost everything. Now back in school and slowly rebuilding her life, she has dreams of being a teacher.

Meloshe, 24, from Liberia

Meloshe is unrecognisable from the teenager that was forced from his home during civil war. Now a rising star in Liberia, he credits the role Mary’s Meals played in his incredible journey.

Lucy, 7, from Kenya

Lucy loves going to school, a far cry from the long days she used to spend trying to earn money for food in Eldoret.

Rubeen, 10, from India

Rubeen spends a lot of time looking after her younger siblings and the family home. With the food provided by Mary’s Meals, she can now make time for education too.

Chery, 8, from Haiti

Chery struggled to get the nourishment she needed from the impoverished community where her family lived. Now in school and receiving daily meals, she has big hopes for the future.