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Mary’s Meals feeds 12 young adults in Romania

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Where we work

Life in Romania

Romania is currently ranked 49 out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index (HDI).  It is estimated there are more than a million children under the age of 15 living with AIDS/HIV in the country.

Romania is a country in Europe, located at the crossroads of Eastern, Southeastern and Central Europe.  The majority of its population speak Romanian and Hungarian.

Romania, and its neighboring Bulgaria, are two of the youngest members of the EU, joining in 2007.  Only Croatia has joined since (in 2013).  In comparison to its far wealthier EU counterparts, Romania is a poor country where workers often leave the country in search of better paid employment elsewhere in Europe.

Mary's Meals in Romania

Mary’s Meals has been serving meals in Romania since 2001.

Our support began when our founder, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, visited Romania to meet volunteers who were caring for HIV-positive children, abandoned in hospital without adequate care. Providing a purpose-built home where they could be cared for and thrive together, and receive regular nutritious meals, gave the children hope of a better future. 

Despite some complex care needs and challenging disabilities, they are now young adults living fulfilling lives, and remain connected as one big family.

We are currently serving 12 vulnerable young adults in one centre in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.  Our programme is delivered in partnership with the Rhema Foundation.

When did we start working in Romania?

We have been serving meals in Romania since 2001

How many children do we feed in Romania?

We are currently serving 12 vulnerable young adults in one residential home

What meal do we provide?

Soup, or rice with meat or fish and vegetables

Where are we based/where do we operate?

One centre in Bucharest

What is the capital of Romania?

The capital city of Romania is Bucharest

What language(s) are spoken in Romania?

The official language is Romanian

What is the population of Romania?

The population of Romania is 18,994,972

What currency is used in Romania?

Romanian leu (RON)