A wonderful harvest is coming

Every gift to Mary’s Meals is a seed that has been planted and will grow to bear fruit.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
Founder and Global Chief Executive

Back to all stories | Posted on 11 Apr 2019 in Update from Magnus

Today 1,425,013 children ate Mary’s Meals at school. Who could ever have imagined that number could grow so big?

And yet,growth takes many forms. When I think about Mary's Meals and growth, numbers are certainly not the most beautiful part.

Franklin is a growing 12-year-old boy from Bong County in rural Liberia. He has a passion for the school farm where he learns about agriculture and growing fresh ingredients to add to their school meals.

"I learn about plants and raising animals", he says. "I get to dig sweet potatoes and work in the piggery".

Franklin is inspired by Liberia's great need to grow more food and by his grandmother, who also has a farm.

"She grows peanuts", he adds: "We sell some and we plant some back. All the work is done by hand."

"I want to be an agriculturist because they produce food for the country like rice, bananas and oil palms".

So Franklin has learnt how things grow. He knows about planting, nurturing and harvesting and he understands that armed with this knowledge, he can help the people of Liberia to have a better, less hungry future.

Each gift we make to Mary's Meals can be thought of as a seed that has been planted.Sometimes we see the fruits of these gifts very quickly; at other times we must wait for the harvest.

But one thing is certain, when children eat every day in school, things grow just like those peanuts growing under the soil that Franklin digs on his grandmother's farm.

A wonderful harvest is coming to Liberia it is ripening even now in the form of a new generation nurtured by healthy meals,education and the knowledge to grow more peanuts, more bananas and raise more pigs.

Until then, please let's keep planting those seeds. Each one holds unfathomable potential.

For your faithful sowing, I thank you with all my heart.