Meet Theresa from Liberia – a little girl with a lot of ambition! 

Little Theresa may only be nine years old, but she has a confidence that comes from having two older brothers…and perhaps a bit of a competitive side too!  

This came out when she described playing ‘kickball’ with her friends. “My best friend is Faith” she tells us, “she can really kick [the ball] but I like to run. I like to try and beat the fielders to the base. I’m definitely faster than her!”  

This energy to play comes from her daily serving of Mary’s Meals, which she receives alongside her friends at school. 

“I like Mary’s Meals. It tastes nice. I like rice more than cornmeal, but if they only brought cornmeal, I would eat it too. It gives me energy to study my lessons. 

“If I had no lunch, I would not feel fine. I would be sleeping and not paying attention.” 

She’ll need this energy for lessons if she is to achieve her dream of being a doctor. Theresa’s ambition is to help people develop Liberia in the future. 

But for now, her focus is set on learning the basics, “I love spelling. Because when you know how to spell many words, nothing can be hard for you to learn.”