Five more schools full of hope

Thank you for helping to reach more hungry children in South Sudan with life-saving daily school meals.

Back to all stories | Posted on 12 Oct 2018 in News

In June, we launched our Crisis in South Sudan campaign to help meet the growing demand for life-saving school meals. Thanks to the generous response from supporters, we are now feeding an additional 3,923 vulnerable children in South Sudan, including pupils at five new schools in the Eastern Lakes and Western Lakes states.

The brutal civil war has forced millions of people from their homes, damaged or destroyed many schools and caused wide-spread hunger. Enrolment at schools serving Mary’s Meals has risen dramatically as large numbers of children flee fighting and food shortages in other parts of the country.

Moses Kopurot Kenyi, from our local partner The Diocese of Rumbek, coordinates our school feeding programme in the country and explained the difference the daily school meals have already made.

He said: “We are so grateful for the generosity you are showing to the children of South Sudan. They have no food at home. They were so malnourished, but now they receive Mary’s Meals and their health has improved. Children from different backgrounds, different ethnic groups, come together to share the same meal – it is bringing unity.

“Mary’s Meals is making a very big difference. When the children see that there is food in school, there is such happiness and joy. After eating, we see the way they play, the way they sing, the way they dance. You can see that they have new life in them.” 

Moses, from our local partner The Diocese of Rumbek.

This year, primary schools in South Sudan sat national examinations for the first time since the country became independent in 2011 – and the difference that daily meals are making to pupils’ performance is clear to see. Daniel Comboni Primary School in Rumbek, where children receive Mary’s Meals, was the best performing school in the country!