Escaping poverty can be especially hard for girls – we hear from some amazing young women who are chasing their dreams, thanks to the promise of daily school meals.

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In many of the countries where Mary’s Meals are served, girls face huge obstacles to gain an education. We spoke to some inspirational young women who are overcoming the odds.

Sarah from Zambia, who has a three-hour walk to school each day, goes to great lengths to gain an education. We’re with her every step of the way.

“School really makes me happy. I’m shy about saying this, but before Mary’s Meals, I used to skip classes because of hunger. The porridge sustains me.

“I want to be a teacher one day. I dream of building my parents a house, so they don’t have to depend on farming.”

In Malawi, education could mean a brighter future for Souvenir – and her community.

“I want to be a gynaecologist in the future and help treat women in need. That way I can help Malawi become a better country.”

Vivian, a keen runner from Kenya, is racing towards a brighter future thanks to daily school meals.

“I run every day after school, just for practice. I like running, but I love science. I want to become a doctor and take care of other runners.”

Usha from India has big dreams, with not one, but two, careers in mind!

“I really enjoy studying. I’m not just saying that! It’s because, even though I don’t see the world outside my village, I get to learn and be aware of it.

“I’m getting an education and Mary’s Meals too. I’d like to be a nurse, but I’d also like to be a teacher too. Do you think it’s possible to be both?”

Bendu from Liberia has her eye on the country’s top job.

The sky’s the limit for Hellen from Zambia.

“I want to be a pilot. I like to watch the planes landing and taking off at the airport. It’s a good job and I will be able to help my mum and anyone else in the village who is poor.”

Thank you for giving girls the chance to succeed with the promise of nutritious daily school meals.