Meet some of the incredible volunteers who prepare tasty meals for 42,011 children in Haiti every school day.  

We asked some of our volunteers in Haiti what motivates them to cook and serve Mary’s Meals. Here’s what they had to say.  



Jennither didn’t go to school, but she wants her grandchildren to make the most of their education. 

“I come and cook because the children can work when they have eaten. It’s very good for them to be able to eat at school. Then, they are able to learn and be educated.” 



Mytha cooks and serves the daily meals because she wants to help build a better future for children in her community.  

“Now they have food at school, children will come and work well in class. They will be able to take care of themselves and their families in the future.” 



Four of Clairesani’s children enjoy Mary’s Meals at school each day.  

“I willingly give up my time to cook here because I want the community to go forward. Most parents don’t have food for them at home, so it’s good that the children can come to school and eat.” 



Sonia has seen the difference daily school meals can make.  

“The children don’t stay at home anymore. Their parents make sure they come to school because they know they will eat here. It’s important that children come to school for the future of this country and its society.” 



Marie-Carmel volunteers at Ecole Communautaire Sainte Croix de Hicaque, where school feeding was introduced earlier this year.  

“I come to cook because only with the participation of the whole community can we benefit the children. I hope they will grow up to be healthy and that coming to school will help them be a positive influence in the community.” 


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers like these, we’re providing daily meals to 42,011 vulnerable children in classrooms across Haiti every school day.  

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