Life in Liberia: six thousand more smiles in Liberia

Our communications officer Gerry shares some fantastic photos from our recent expansion in Bong county, Liberia.

Gerry Naughton
Gerry Naughton
Communications officer, Liberia

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Six thousand more children started eating Mary’s Meals in Liberia in October. A daily meal at school means children can concentrate better and their families don’t have the daily worry of where to find them something to eat. Mary’s Meals works in partnership with the schools’ local communities, and volunteer cooks are happy to give up their time and see their own children feel the benefit – you can see it in their faces!

Volunteer cooks serve Mary's Meals on the first day of feeding at JF Clarke School in Liberia. The cooks were filled with joy at the prospect of doing something so important for their own children.


Children at JF Clarke School enjoy their very first serving of Mary's Meals! The children eat rice and peas three times a week, alternating with a nutritious blend of maize and soya on Tuesdays and Thursdays.