Mary’s Meals is now reaching 1,101,206 children every school day

Owing to the continued generosity of our supporters across the globe, Mary’s Meals is now feeding 1,101,206 children in some of the world’s poorest communities every day they attend school. 

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As a low-cost charity, we are also delighted to announce that for 2016 it will continue to cost us a global average of just £12.20/€14.50/$19.50 to feed each of those children for a whole school year. 

Since May 2015, when we announced the landmark achievement of feeding more than one million children worldwide in a place of education, we have been overjoyed to add more than 65,000 children to our global school feeding programme. 

This is all thanks to the tireless efforts of our army of supporters around the world who give whatever they can – time, money, skills and prayer – to help the communities in which we are working.

All of these little acts of love bring us closer to realising our vision that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. 

Children from John Parvola Primary School in Liberia celebrate!

Children from John Parvola Primary School in Liberia celebrate!

There are still 59 million children out of school in the world today, and thousands are dying each day due to hunger-related causes. This is a scandal in this world of plenty, and lets us know that we have much more work still to do. 

Mary’s Meals began in Malawi in 2002, feeding just 200 children. We now work across 12 countries, and each child enrolled in our programme receives a nutritious daily meal and an education that offers their best hope of escaping poverty. 


You can help us to reach the next school on the list, and fill more classrooms with happy children eager to learn. Thank you for all your support.