More hope for Haiti’s hungry children

Together, we’re helping even more hungry children in Haiti to find hope in the classroom.

Earlier this year, we began working with a new partner in Haiti, Summits Education. Together, we’re serving daily school meals to an additional 6,019 children at 27 new schools across the country.  
We asked some of the children receiving Mary’s Meals for the first time what the food means to them. Here’s what they said: 

“When there was no food at school, I didn’t study well. Now, I study very well. My favourite school meal is rice and beans.” 
Mejikael, 10 


“I come to school without eating, so knowing that I will be able to eat here at school helps me a lot. When I eat I feel strong and learn better because I can follow the teacher.” 
Widlanda, 17 


“Before Mary’s Meals came to this school, the teachers had to let us go home early because we were weak. Now, we can stay and work all day and we learn all the subjects.” 
Charles, 13 


“School feeding is very important because when there is no food at home, I am still able to eat something here at school. When I am hungry, I can’t work well. But, when I eat, I am able to work harder in class.” 
Fifie, 14 


“When I leave home in the morning, I am hungry. When I don’t eat, my belly aches and I can’t work well. When I eat at school, I feel better in class.” 
Jean-Baptiste, 12 


“Before Mary’s Meals, I didn’t learn anything. Now I am coming to school every day and I am learning better.” 
Stefania, 14 

Thank you for giving Haiti’s hungry children the chance to gain an education and the hope of a brighter future.