Some of the international communications team have shared their favourite Mary’s Meals image. Find out why these pictures came out on top…

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"I get to rifle through and upload hundreds of Mary's Meals photos, both new and old, so it’s very difficult to choose only one favourite. This picture of a group of students bursting with laughter as they pose for a photo at a school in Liberia is a candid and wholesome moment. It shows that Mary's Meals isn't only about helping disadvantaged kids survive each day, but about nurturing those positive experiences we take for granted: laughter, joy and companionship." 

Steven, Digital Content Administrator 

"I was taking some photos in this school and I was nearly finished. Most of the children had eaten and returned their bowls. Then a boy came up to me with his bowl and I took his photo and then turned away. When I turned back, he was like this. I got a huge adrenalin rush because I didn’t want to miss such a great photo. The spoon looks funny, but his eyes say it all. They are so delighted with the occasion, the food and the pose!" 

Gerry, Editorial Manager

“It’s always great to see girls in school, especially in countries such as India where there can be many barriers to education. I love this photo because it’s so vibrant and happy. It shows the joy a daily meal brings to so many children attending school.” 

Graeme, Video Editor

"We have this picture on the wall in our Glasgow office – it's right in my eyeline when I look up from my desk. It's a daily reminder of why I'm here – to spread the word about Mary's Meals and help to provide daily school meals to children in some of the world's poorest communities." 

Holly, Digital Officer

"I’m in awe of the incredible volunteers who get up while it’s still dark to spend hours in hot, steamy kitchens preparing Mary’s Meals for hundreds of children. This amazing picture sums up the strength and passion of these everyday heroes who make our work possible.” 

Rachel, Communications Officer 

“I like this photo because it sums up the simplicity of our work. Food is a basic necessity and something that we can all end up taking for granted. However, without the daily meals our school feeding programmes provide, children like this smiling girl in Haiti would not have the same hopes for a better future. Hers is a simple message about a simple thing – but its importance is so big." 

Calum, Social Media Administrator

"I love this photograph! These girls look so strong and confident, which reminds us of the impact of Mary’s Meals. It is so important for children to go to school, especially girls who now have increased opportunities. I would love to see how they progress in life." 

Dawn, Junior Designer 

“As the designer of the team I am lucky enough to work with so much of our amazing photography. I am always struck by this image of a girl in Malawi answering a question in class. She looks so confident and energised. Every time I see it, I am reminded about the difference these meals make to children all around the world. It makes me proud to be playing my small part in helping to support these children.” 

David, Graphic Designer 

"I’ve been very lucky to travel to countries like Haiti and India to see our work in action. This photo is from Kenya where we serve Mary’s Meals to more than 47,000 children every school day! This photo sums that up for me – a happy child with a big bowl of Mary’s Meals and a beautiful smile. It’s a privilege to be part of this family that’s bringing hope to so many children around the world!" 

Shona, Content Development Manager 

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