Samson has big plans for the future that reach far beyond the remote island he calls home. 

Thirteen-year-old Samson is already a leader, and he beams as he tells us about his plans to become president one day.  

Samson lives with his big sister on the remote island of Chizumulu. It’s separated from mainland Malawi by 50 miles of water and connected by a ferry that puts in just once a week. 

Yet Samson, who finished top of the class last term, has dreams that reach far beyond the shores of tiny Chizumulu.  

He said: “I want to be the President of Malawi. I want to assist the country when I grow up, so that everyone has food and education.”  

His belief in the power of education is grounded in his own enjoyment of going to school, demonstrated by his long list of favourite subjects. 

He said: “I like English, maths, and science and technology. I gain knowledge from coming to school and I am also able to learn more on my own. I am happy when I am learning.”

School for Samson is Chiteko Primary School, the largest primary school on Chizumulu, where enrolment and attendance have been on the rise since Mary’s Meals started feeding there, eight years ago. Chizumulu children used to drift off during the day because they didn’t have the energy to continue in class, or to find food. Now children like Samson receive daily school meals – and stay to learn.

Chatting confidently in English after lunch, he said: “I don’t feel hungry when I’m in class and I have eaten. Porridge helps me to be healthy. It has the nutrients I need so I have energy to work well.”     

Afterwards, Samson poses for a photo and is a natural in front of the camera. 

A great smile with a serious message to share, what else would you expect from a future president?