School + feeding = hope and happiness in Liberia, as captured beautifully in images by our communications officer, Gerry. 

Gerry Naughton
Gerry Naughton
Communications officer, Liberia

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It can sometimes be difficult to get the children to smile when they are receiving their food. 

As this photo shows: 

I've often wondered how it would feel to be awaiting a meal in school…  feeling hungry, and maybe slightly anxious. And what if this was the only meal you could count on? 

Mary’s Meals offers hope to hungry children in Liberia and beyond, and this series of photos shows the joy of receiving a meal at school. 

This series of photos came in the middle of a group of pictures I took at the Sean Devereux School in Perry Town, Virginia - a school we support with a daily meal not far from the Liberian capital city of Monrovia. 

I still consider myself to be a learner when it comes to taking pictures, so I was simply concentrating on getting everyone in the frame and getting the picture in focus at the time. It was only when I downloaded them from the camera that I saw the beautiful smiles on the faces of the boy and the cooks! 

I asked one of the cooks why she volunteers to prepare the Mary’s Meals every day and she gave me an answer that I have heard in different words, many times. She said: “I do this to help the children. It makes me feel happy that children can eat on time and go back to class.” 

You can really see that it does!