Meet some of the children who are finding hope in Haiti’s classrooms, with a little help from Mary’s Meals.  

We asked children who receive Mary’s Meals each day at school in Haiti why education is important to them. Here’s what they told us: 


“School is important because I can learn how to take care of myself in the future. The food I eat at school helps me to follow the teacher in class.” 

Jules, 9  


“I come to school so I can learn to read and write. French is my favourite subject. Now, when people speak French, I can understand and answer them.” 

Charles, 13 


“School is important because if I am able to read and write, I will be able to become an important woman in the future.” 

Cynthia, 11 


“It’s important to come to school to help the country and help myself by getting a good job in the future. Maths is my favourite subject. I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about it, I just see the numbers and I can do the sums in my head.” 

Jean-Baptiste, 12 


“If you go to school, it’s easier to find a job in the future. My favourite subject is French. I want to learn to speak it.” 

Dalida, 13 


“If I work hard at school, I can learn to read and write, and I will be able to do a lot of things.” 

Pierre, 8 


Together, we’re helping 41,831 children at 143 schools in Haiti to find hope in the classroom every school day. Thank you for giving them the chance to learn and thrive.