Miriam Cooper’s Berry, Banana and Cinnamon Porridge

We hope this Perfect Porridge recipe from Miriam Cooper inspires you to throw your own Porridge Party to help us feed more hungry children in school. 

Serves 1 adult, or makes 2 small portions


40g porridge oats

220ml of your usual milk

Pinch of cinnamon

3-4 cubes of Albert Eats berries and banana puree

Crumbled frozen berries (optional for children 3 years + as could be a choking hazard)

Miriam Cooper is a food blogger who shares her recipes for children at Mimi’s Bowl.


Cook the porridge according to packet instructions. Three minutes from the end of the cooking time, add a pinch of cinnamon.

Serve with any fruit purée you like (mashed banana is also great): I’m using Albert Eats delicious berries and banana puree, swirled through the cinnamon porridge. Add extra fruit if you want to. My daughter loves crumbled frozen berries, but she is 3 years old now and I wouldn't serve this to smaller children, as it could be a choking hazard. 

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