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Get Involved

A volunteer cook in Zambia smiles

Get Involved

There are many ways to you can support our work and help us to reach the next hungry child waiting for Mary’s Meals.

How to get involved with our charity

It costs just £19.15 to provide a child with school meals for an entire school year ­ – a small gesture that can bring a world of change.  

You can also offer you time, skills or prayers to support our mission. Whether it’s volunteering at community events, hosting your own fundraiser, taking part in a sponsored activity or selling cakes to your friends, your efforts can make an incredible difference to children’s lives.

Our Impact

Mary’s Meals is a simple idea that works.

Our global school feeding programme meets the immediate needs of hungry children and encourages them to gain an education.

Where our meals are served, school enrolment increases and attendance improves. Far fewer children leave school early because of hunger.

Food is changing the story for the millions of children we serve every school day, but our work is far from over.

Food changes the story.

Together we can make a difference