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We believe that everyone we come into contact with has the right to be protected from all forms of harm and we are committed to zero tolerance of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment within the organisation. 

We believe that safeguarding children, adults at risk of harm, and anyone who interacts with Mary’s Meals is an integral component of our activities and programmes. We understand that safeguarding is key to quality programming underpinning strong outcomes for Mary’s Meals' school feeding programmes. We are committed to safeguarding throughout our work, with clear guidelines on prevention, reporting and responding to any concerns relating to abuse, exploitation and harassment.

Our safeguarding policies provide a framework within which all Mary’s Meals staff and representatives carry out their duties in regard to safeguarding. The policy governs the behaviour of Mary’s Meals staff, associates, volunteers, visitors, board members and partners to minimise risks of harm to project participants and our representatives.

Reporting a concern on Safeguarding / Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment.

If you have a concern, suspicion, or know of or witnessed an incident of abuse, exploitation, harassment to a child or project participant perpetrated by anyone associated to the Mary’s Meals programme or operations, please let us know without fear of reprisal.

You can raise your concern by contacting us confidentially at