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A group of Mary's Meals volunteers smiling and holding Mary's Meals mugs


There are many ways to volunteer, help us deliver better outcomes for children around the world

There are many volunteer opportunities at Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is a global movement supported by people from all walks of life. We are focused on one goal – that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education. For over 20 years, Mary’s Meals has been keeping that promise to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

We continue to impact the lives of 2,429,182 children, who today will receive Mary’s Meals. Without thousands of incredibly dedicated volunteers across the world, our work would not be possible – from those who raise awareness and fundraise in their own community, and work in our offices, to those who cook the nutritious meals for the children we serve. 


How can I volunteer?

Our volunteers are crucial to our success. They form an essential part of the unstoppable driving force behind us reaching the next child waiting for daily meals in school.

From small tasks and home-based efforts to volunteering your specialist skills, you can give your time and knowledge to make a meaningful difference that will resonate way beyond your own community. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to this mission – it doesn’t matter if you have just a few hours to give or can commit to a day or more each week, we’d love to hear from you.

The more people who are working towards our vision, the more children we can reach. We know food changes the story for the world’s poorest children and everyone can play a part – what will you do?

A child from Zambia writing in her jotter while learning in class.

Volunteer with us

Do you have experience in communications, finance or human resources? Or possess another skill and and want to use it to help Mary's Meals International (MMI) reach the next child? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

A group of fundraising standing at a stall raising money for Mary's Meals.

Volunteer in your community

Our National Affiliate volunteers inspire and motivate their local communities. Their creativity and generosity help spread our message and raise vital funds to reach the next child.

Use your professional skills to help support Mary's Meals

A young girl from Zimbabwe sitting at her desk in a classroom learning.


Axel from Germany volunteered his time and skills as a certified translator to convert Magnus’ second book, GIVE: Charity and the Art of Living Generously, into German, saving us thousands of pounds and helping Mary’s Meals Germany to reach a wider audience. Then, 300 miles away, journalist Tanya was inspired by the idea and joined the effort as editor and proofreader!


Ivan Dodig and Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Mary's Meals smiling for a photo.

Community ambassadors

The grassroots network in Ireland is the beating heart of all volunteering and fundraising activities across the country.

They use their love of Mary’s Meals to spread the message and gather support through traditional, local, community-based activities with powerful results.


A child from Zambia enjoying drawing while at school.

Graphic design

In Croatia (and some other countries too), design professionals and students are getting involved by developing artwork and other visuals for campaigns to help support the work of fellow volunteers and fundraisers. Creating eye-catching designs is a wonderful gift because their efforts help to bring news of our work to new hearts and minds, and ultimately help to feed more children.


Two Mary's Meals supporters talking to each other outside the Mary's Meals information centre in Medjugorje.

Public relations

A dedicated team of volunteers play a key role in PR and social media promotion in the Czech Republic. Some bring professional experience while some are recent graduates seeking to hone their skills by working as part of a team. They all bring enthusiasm, dedication, and a passion for the mission – and it really shines through in their work!


Mary's Meals Shop in Troon.


In the UK, volunteers collect secondhand goods, organise the donations and work in shops selling the pre-loved items to help raise money for Mary’s Meals. This is a considerable task but the rewards are huge – not only because the shops raise funds to feed hungry children, but because their presence in local high streets helps to make Mary’s Meals a household name.


Emma Thomson and her sister

How can I support Mary's Meals?

  • Read and share our book – spread the word about our founder’s book that tells the remarkable story of Mary’s Meals and encourage others to pick up a copy.


  • Like, share and comment on our posts on social media, and share your own posts to spread the word and encourage others to get involved.


  • Arrange a screening of one of our documentaries – Child 31, Generation Hope, and Love Reaches Everywhere – in your home, classroom or community or show one of our shorter films as part of another event or celebration.


  • Raise awareness by organising your own event or offer to help at a local Mary’s Meals fundraising event. 
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We're now feeding 2,429,182 children every school day.

But more than 67 million primary school-age children are out of school around the world. In order to survive, they have to work or beg. Even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger affects their ability to learn.