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We are committed to conducting our work with honesty and integrity, and we expect all our staff and volunteers to maintain high standards. However, all organisations face the risk of things going wrong from time to time, or of unknowingly facilitating illegal or unethical conduct.

We encourage you to raise any genuine concerns of suspected wrongdoing related to our activities with us through our whistleblowing process.

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the disclosure of information that relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers in delivering Mary’s Meals’ activities. This may include:

  1. Criminal activity (e.g. theft)
  2. Safeguarding concerns
  3. Failure to comply with any legal or professional obligations or regulatory requirements
  4. Miscarriages of justice
  5. Dangers to health and safety or the environment
  6. Bribery or corruption
  7. Financial malpractice or fraud
  8. An attempt to conceal information on any of the above

Other concerns that do not involve suspected wrongdoing or dangers, such as general complaints or grievances, should not be raised through our whistleblowing process and unfortunately cannot be taken any further if reported in this way. Instead, such concerns should be raised through available channels on our website, or internally, as set out in applicable policies. 

Who can you raise a concern about?

You can raise concerns about any individual or organisation that is involved in the direct delivery of Mary’s Meals’ activities. These activities may be on behalf of Mary’s Meals International or on behalf of our programme affiliate organisations in Malawi, Kenya, Liberia or Zambia.

If your concern relates to any of our fundraising affiliates or to one of our programme partner organisations delivering school meals on our behalf, you should raise your concern directly with that organisation who will be best placed to investigate your concern further.

How can you raise a concern?

You can contact us at You should share brief details about your concern, your connection to Mary’s Meals and how best to contact you.

Please be assured that any concerns you raise with us will be treated confidentially.

On receiving your email, we will be in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss the concern further. All genuine concerns will be subject to investigation to assess whether there is evidence to support the issues raised. Remedial action can only be taken where evidence supporting your concern is secured. 

No whistleblower will suffer detrimental treatment from Mary’s Meals as a result of raising a genuine concern with us, even if our investigation finds the concern to be unfounded.

Further guidance

If you would like further guidance on whistleblowing, you can contact Protect. Protect is a UK-based charity that specialises in whistleblowing and operates a confidential helpline and online contact form where further guidance can be sought.