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Documentary filming in Malawi

New documentary on Mary’s Meals soon in production

The work of Mary’s Meals is to be featured in an upcoming documentary as part of a series titled “Let’s Be Bold”, alongside other courageous initiatives by people of faith

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The work of Mary’s Meals is to be featured in an upcoming documentary as part of a series titled “Let’s Be Bold”, alongside other courageous initiatives by people of faith. These current stories are often unfolding through humble or hidden activities that film maker Juan Manuel Cotelo is eager to share with a broader audience.

The series takes its name from a heartfelt plea made by Pope Francis, encouraging the younger generation: “Hagan Lio!” It’s a rather tricky expression to translate, not least because in different Spanish-speaking countries the words carry a variety of connotations. It might be translated making a mess, creating a commotion, making a noise – but the underlying sentiment is an to act boldly.

Pope Francis exhorts the young to this kind of courageous faith in action, and there are dozens of examples of people and groups who already operate in this spirit. Spanish film-maker and actor Juan Manuel Cotelo believes that their stories must be made accessible to more people.

His production company Infinito Mas Uno (Infinity + 1) aims to share beautiful and miraculous stories of faith with joy, creativity, and humour – perfectly embodying the enthusiasm and impulse to action that Pope Francis’ call aimed to generate. Infinito Mas Uno was founded in 2008 in Valencia, Spain, and has produced five feature films to date (which have been released in theatres in 41 countries, as well as being taken up by Netflix).

Mary’s Meals shares a number of things in common with Infinito Mas Uno, such as valued support from grassroots fundraisers and supporters, including many people of faith. Also, the active faith of their founders, who both left their original careers to follow a call to serve others.

The mission of Infinito Mas Uno is to bring about the transformation of people, particularly by showing them a positive face of the Church, which may have been hidden from them for various reasons. It aims to communicate simply, without jargon, and with great enthusiasm.

Mary’s Meals aims to transform the future and the present of many of the world’s poorest children, through food and education. Although Mary’s Meals works fruitfully and effectively with the support of many people of faith, and is named after Mary the Mother of Jesus, its mission is universal, and it helps and is aided by people of all faiths and none.

Infinito Mas Uno uses a similar funding approach to the hit series “The Chosen”, where the production of the series is driven forward by the contributions of many viewers through crowdfunding. This brilliant way of amassing support helps ensure that fans become an active part of the project: backing the creative process and helping distribute material that genuinely interests them.

Six chapters are currently planned for Cotelo’s series, with many more stories lined up for Infinito Mas Uno to choose from in the future. You can see all of the proposed stories, including Mary’s Meals, and find out more about “Let’s Be Bold” here: